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NFMe Galaxy lets you explore the world of Web3 by creating your own, free NFMe. An NFMe is not just a JPG. It changes and transforms to reflect your latest passions and achievements.

You can use your NFMe as your profile picture and to access services across the web. Engage in activities in the NFMe Galaxy app to reveal new items and perks — such as clothing, accessories and even discounts for third-party services.

express yourself

Your NFMe is just for you: it constantly evolves and cannot be traded. But what if you want eternity?

You can create an Eternal — a unique, digital collectible that you fully own and will be tradable on our upcoming marketplace. You can even earn royalties any time it is resold on NFMe Galaxy

Start with a clean slate and play around with the NFMe Creator.

Feeling a little competitive? Then try to create a better version of one of the popular Eternals listed below, or enter our NFMe of the Week challenge.

  1. NFMe Of The Week avatar

    NFMe Of The Week

    Become a Galaxy Star

  2. A Fresh Start avatar

    A Fresh Start

    Create a New NFMe

  3. Heung Min Son avatar

    Heung Min Son

    Make your own Son

  4. Taylor Swift avatar

    Taylor Swift

    Make your own Taylor

  5. Tina Turner avatar

    Tina Turner

    Make your own Tina

  6. Snoop Dogg avatar

    Snoop Dogg

    Make your own Snoop

Get Creative

As with every new journey — there are some unknowns. We've got you covered!

Your NFMe can be a graphical avatar to express your evolving interests and passions in the digital world. It can also serve as your digital identity to access different platforms. You can save many NFMes, keeping your various interests fully separate and/or private if you prefer.

In addition, an identity validation system will allow users who choose to authenticate their personal identity to access additional benefits such as simplified access to selected Web2 and Web3 platforms. This avoids the hassle of undergoing separate signup and verification processes for each platform individually, giving you a one-click login experience across a range of services.

You can see your NFMe avatar in our app once you've been granted early access. In future, your NFMe will have a blockchain-based representation too. We're still developing the smart contract infrastructure that will host your NFMe, and we'll let you know more details soon. Read more below about what an NFMe is and how it's connected to “Soulbound NFTs”.

No. It's free to create. All you need is an email address to set up your account and get your NFMe.

No. NFMes are a new generation of NFTs which are about personal (private or public) identity and self-expression. They are privately linked to one owner and cannot be bought, sold, or traded. (If you do wish to trade, read more about Eternals.)

The initial idea for NFMes came from a blog post titled "Soulbound", written by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, which proposed the idea of a "Soulbound NFT" as a form of non-tradeable, identity-bound Web3 token. This concept was later refined in a whitepaper called "Decentralized Society: Finding Web3's Soul", co-authored by Buterin, economist Glen Weyl, and researcher Puja Ohlhaver.

An “Eternal” is a type of digital collectible which you can create yourself. If you choose, it can also be traded. It can be linked with items, such as backgrounds or special traits, and perks, such as discounts or access codes, which will enable new Web3 mechanics.

Yes. As soon as we complete the technical infrastructure to support it, we will launch a marketplace where Eternals, items and perks can be bought and sold.

You can unlock more items by completing in-app challenges. We will soon have more challenges, both educational and in collaboration with various brands and NGOs, which will enable you to earn other exclusive items.

Examples of items include clothing or accessories for your NFMe or Eternal (such as hats, glasses, etc.), or third-party items you obtained, by playing a Web3 game for example.

In future, this will be possible. Currently, however, you only have one primary NFMe. After our public launch, we'll enable users to create multiple NFMes, and use them as unique and separate identities, which can be either private or public.

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